What is a Site Plan?

A Site Plan.

A site plan is a map of a parcel, and it shows how the lot is laid out.

One of the purposes for a site plan is to get a permit for building purposes. Permits are often required before building structures.

1. Site plan v. floor plan.

A site plan shows the whole parcel. A floor plan shows the interior of the house or building.

2. what features are shown on a site plan?

The dimensions of the property lines.

The dimensions of the structure/structures.

Features such as landscaping, sheds, wells, etc.

The total area of the lot

3. What is included on a site plan?

Address of the property.


North direction.

Plot size.



4. How to draw a site plan.

Various software vendors of drafting software. Nowadays most site plans are drafted on a computer.

5. Guidelines.

Guidelines vary based on location.

Common guidelines.

Correctly drawn  scale.

Proper Labels


6. Where to get a site plan.

Various companies offer site plan services online including Site Plan Pros.

7. Elements of a good site plan.

Directions, notes, and abbreviations.

Lines of the property.

Boundaries for construction areas and for utility and power line areas.


Surroundings (streets and street signs).


Fire hydrants.



8. Key issues.

Local zoning and regulations.


Property access.


Natural lights.




Drainage and soils.

Topographic information.

All current and future structures.

Driveways and walkways.

Trash bins and area.


Requirements for improvements to the road.

North, south, west, and east directions and to scale.